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What could be helpful while beeing on a flight, in the middle of nowwhere, or in a weared place like a camp - list:

survival and helpful things on journeying:

- Papers, school-, university- and job-certificates, Passport, in a waterproof bag at your body
- money in a waterproof bag at your body
- something you could change into money like gold coins, in a safe place you can't loose it (consider you might change clothes when getting wet..) .
- at sea you should have everything important in something which can SWIMM. For example: an airproofed bag, a waterproofed plastic bottle, a swimming waterproofed plasticvessel/-tube, etc.
- don't forget to take drinking water with you at sea
- smartphone with numbers and adresses of: friends, familiy, helporganisations (NGOs), consulates, lawyers (e.g.:,,,
alarmphone number: +334 86 51 71 61
, places to reach where you are safe, accomodations, helpers,
note: store your important contacts in a webspace they can't get lost, if you can
- solarcharger for smart phone
- charging cable for your special phone version
- solar charger for smartphones + USB :
   wet weather proofed:
   powermonkey extreme:
   powermonkey extreme tactical:
   powermonkey expedition:
-   (if your IPhone got wet:
- helpful adapters:
   12V car to your phone charging adapter,
   12V car to USB adapter,
   USB to smartphone charging adapter (cable for your version)
   micro USB to 5/5S:
   depending on the countries you travel: if you have technical devices with you:
   (multi-) power adapter (e.g. for switzerland, greatbritain)
   (note: 2-pole unearthed C plugs can be used in all european countries, including switzerland, and also in turkey, but not in great britain)
   for example:
   world-to-europe adapter:
   from germany to world:

- get yourself an email adress on an international service (yahoo, gmx, etc.)
- get yourself an account on skype or another internet telephone service (if you can, get your own number, so you can be called on no matter where you are)

- multi-tool pocket knife, with: spoon, fork, bottle and can opener, scissors, tweezers, knife, gripper, for example:
- 2 or more carabiners (spring safety hooks)
- some meters of a good mountain rope, or at least a normal tie
   (you could make a bracelat out of it, look here: )
- pocket lighter (pyrophoric, without gas, ... solar)
  - firestone for any weather,
     for example here:
     or magnesium firestarter,
  - solar fire lighter:
   - (for smokers)
   - classics:
     normal (benzine):
   - normal pocketlighter for keys:
    - "permanent match" (needs benzine)

- steel (or plastic) cup
- plastic sheet, plastic bags
- pen and paper (in a waterproofed bag)
- some hook and loop fastener or (depending on weight) gaffa tape to fix something (e.g. on sea), for example:

- if you get lost at sea and need something to fish for food:
   - some meters of fishing line/nylon chord (alternative: guitar string, hawser, or (if you already have packed): alpine rope)
   - fishing-hook (fish like bread, mais, flys, maggots, little fish, ...)
     or watch this:

- tooth brush and paste
- compass
- (solarcharging) or longlife alarm clock, or a wind up mechanical clock, possibly radio controlled
pocket light:
- solarcharging pocket/led light,Štzlichem-dynamo-schlŸsselring/dp/b005rxjbge/ref=sr_1_4?s=lighting&ie=UTF8&qid=1467744136&sr=1-4&keywords=solartaschenlampe
- selfcharging pocket light,Štzlichem-dynamo-schlŸsselring/dp/b005rxjbge/ref=sr_1_4?s=lighting&ie=UTF8&qid=1467744136&sr=1-4&keywords=solartaschenlampe
  or build your own selfcharging pocket lighter (instruction in german):
- or all in one with a radio(+pocket light+handcharge+solar+USB), e.g. here:

- signal light to give notice of your position at sea,(or in the woods) for example:
   light sticks:
   day&night emergency signal:
   (lightener sticks for night, for example here:
   note: and sorry, guys, but tritium lights are not on this list - because they are radioactive, sending beta-radiation and even closed: x-ray radiation = NOT HEALTHY! (more here(in german): -
   and no, radioactivity is NOT safe and NEVER undangerous for health)

- little camping cooker (if you have nothing and can do this, solar oven, see below)
- fuel pellets, for example here:
(- fold cooker for fuel pellets, for example here:

- heatpads against cold: (abanico gmbh)
- waterproofed fullbody cape (smalest luggage version)
   or: rain clothes: jacket and trousers for bikers (in a little bag)
   or: sea clothes: jacket and trousers for sailers
  note: at sea it's always freezy, because of the wind, after some time -> take windproofed warm clothes (jacket and pullover)
- for people with long hair: hairtie, to tie when windy
- pair of sailing gloves (in winter: wintergloves)
- first aid kid/medicine chest: alcohol/disinfectant, plasters, bandage, golden rescue blanket,
   - painkillers
   - creme, oil or lotion against pain or inflamation, for example:
        - salve against rheumatism/Bepanthen,
        - pain-balsam from:
        - aloe vera lavendula oil,
        - provitas pain killer oil here (type pain-off oil in keysearch):
   - drops against throat pain (cough drops)
   - a little 10ml bottle "china oil"(menthol), with journey "inhalator" against flue, for example here:
     (or organic peppermint oil and extra inhalators (
   - a little 100ml bottle of bitters against stomage sickness, like Schwedenbitter/Schwedenkräuter(Maria Treben),
        Clarkintest here: ,
        enzian (also for heart and circulation), etc.
        or homeopathic treatments (less spacy),

   - your individual preferences/needs on (or whole pharmacy-travel set if you are trained):
        - homeopathic treatments /globuli /tincture
        - bach flowers (e.g. rescue drops)
        - etheric oils (should be organic for best results)
        - healing crystals

   - plasters against blisters for feet
   - some creme or oil against hurting feet, like Hirschtalg, Pferdesalbe, pain-balsam etc. or aloeveragel
   - sun protection (including shawl, hat)
   - against sunburn for example: emu-oil, aloe vera gel, tschamba fii e.g. here:

   - little plastic box, best waterproof, for pills

    - some good meds you know from home, examples:

       - charchoal tablets against dhiarrhea
       - natron (sodium bicarbonate/ baking soda) (to reduce stress and acid)
       - for wounds, pain, burns, sunburn helps: aloe vera
       - for allergies, asthma, skinproblems etc. helps: black cummin oil (= nigella sativa oil) (sijahe_danah)
       - a little (e.g. 20-50g) plastic jar with vitamin C (ascorbic acid (very cheap))
       - multi household remedies against cold, virus, bacteria: olive leaf extract, colloidal silver
       - cinamon is good for low bloodshugar issues (if you have nothing else and diabetes (hopefully some dextrose with you).Then eat also a high amount of Vitamin C)

-> if you have a serious disease, like diabetes, heartfailure, etc., take a big amount of your meds with you !!! <-

-food: - dry army food
           - dry baby mash
           - dry mashed potatoes
           - dry fruits and vegetables:

- dates

- raisins

- figs

- mulberry

- pomegranade /grenadine

- cherries

- barberries

- apricots

- plums

- goji

- crawnberries

- mangos

- ananas

- papayas

- banana chips

- raw cacao beans

              - nuts (if not allergic): pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, walnuts, cashew nuts,
                (hazel nuts (if not allergic)), ready to eat dry chick peas, dry coconut,
                apricotkernels, almonds, macadamia nuts, pecan nuts, (peanuts(if not allergic))
              - instant packet soup in little one meal bags, or bouillon cubes
              - cereal bars, energy - rawfood - proteine -bars
              - crackers or crispbread
              - cocolate, if you need shugar or a better mood because leaking food
              - dextrose in little pieces/drops single packed, if your blood shugar is too low
              - tea bags, single packed in plastic
                 (take some good organic herbs tea for some illnesses with you, for example:
                 salmon, thyme, peppermint, ginger, greentea, camomilla (if you're not allergic), lapacho (stomage), cinamon (diabetes, bloodshugar),
              - some single portion bags good organic chocolate drink to give you warmth, and energy and makes you feel better, if you have hot water
              - Muesli              
              - superfoods:

- powdered Moringa

- powdered protein, for example from beans

- powdered wheatgrass

- (black sesame flour)

              - tinned food one can eat cold: - tuna, tuna salat/fish in sauce
                                                               - baked beans or peas (with tomato sauce)
                                                               - homus
                                                               - filled vine leafs with rice
                                                               - some ready meals, like ravioli in tomatosauce, soups,
                                                               - fruits (ananas, mandarines, fruit mix,...)

              - coffein or matcha, if you are too tired
              - multivitamin- and mineral supplement to keep you fit and healthy, if not enough food
              - crystall ("himalayan") salt to help with: dehydration, leak of isotonic liquid, as desinfectant, to wash nose against flue (if you don't have can take seasalt)(for nosewashing can take seawater), etc.
              - a little (10-100ml) bottle with a good Omega 3+6 oil to keep you healthy
              - tiny asiatic rice noudels can just put into cold water till they are soft, and be eaten
              - if you are leaking carbohydrates and can not cook: you can eat raw (baby) potatos (also rich on Vitamin C, etc.)

                  note: non-organic food is not as healthy as organic food, and contains pestizides and aditives damaging your health, which are not suitable for healthy nutrition to keep you
                   fit, healthy and strong. (for more information see: )

               - take a handful of seeds for sprouting with you, just in case (in waterproofed bag)(see note at end of the list)

               - If you have nothing else and no space or capacity to carry, you could take this emerceny ration
                  (note: this is NO healthy food and not for longer, but will make you survive and have no hunger): NRG-5, for example here:

                  And now I'm doing a little excurs on WHY dry food isn't healthy and you need fresh foot to keep you fit and have live energy:
                  The reason why we eat food is, that it contains life energy and the information comming with the energy, which we need.
                  Life energy is, as the name says: the energy, which lets something (or someone) live. The fresher a fruit or vegetable or herb or plant, as it is a living beeing, the more,
                  naturally, of life energy it contains (because dying means to have no life energy, which is the difference between a (chemically same) cell which is alive or death (naturally
                  it also means, that water and all other systems in a dying system subseed and in the end the chemically decay comes.
                  But WHAT exactly is the reason WHY something or someone lives? answer: life(or living) energy.
                  One can messure this with how much biophotone-emission the food has. This is called biophotone-analysis.
                  (Interestingly this also shows, that organic food has MORE biophotones (= living energy) then "normal" food.
                  One more thing about it is: that things which destroy live are negative to life energy.
                  This also includes bad thought energy or actions - as the human energy conciousness system is more dimentional and energy allways also includes conciousness (or / and:
                  information, as said before.
                  That means for example, to make it MORE complex (sorry guys, you can quit here, while having other sorrows) that it is also important,
                  because this is a different information, not to have only "high energy" but the right KIND of energy.
                  For example this is why it matters, what color (information with energy) something has (or to say it different in this case, which is but only 2 dimentional and only half of the truth:
                  (the from humans messured and in a seeable range) frequency, which is different (means red light has another frequency then orange light, for example - but as I said this is only 2
                  dimentional and the information, comming with food (or things, clothes, textures, stones, remedies, etc.) is much more complex).
                  Well, and this is the reason why it makes a difference, WHERE (which region of the world, (e.g from home), from which kind of earth, with which water, with how much sun,
                  produced by which people, (in which state of conciousness), having which color, texture and state, having been on which place and energiefield, and having which kind of
                  direction and movement and way of communicating information to the rest of the field (e.g. emitting or radiating to mention one part of it) something (or someone, for it is the same)
                  (to be continued, (question on how complex you want to dive into it)) -
                  and also, to come back to the beginning: how fresh the fruit, vegetable, herb and which part of a plant (leaf, root, fruit, vegetable out of earth, etc.) is been taken.
                  - So to make it easy, take this rule: The fresher a food is, the more healthy it is for you and will give you more power, feeling good, be fitter, have more nutrition, and everything
                  you need.

                   (for the rest, if you are heaving problems (in what to choose) ask me ;) )
                   (One more rule, if you are truely connected to your body, nature and your needs (which requires a training in overcomming your ego and things you THINK (because learned)
                  are good, and have intuition and ability to read the energyfield information, etc.) is: your body (and energy conciousness system) knows exactly what he needs and how much
                  and also what will heal him.)
                   (And remember organic food is the better choise, if you have one).

- portable thermo-bottle for water, tea or other drinks. (or little plastic bottle to fill water in)
- water cleansing/desinfectant taps
-1 pair underware, socks, t-shirt, trousers, in spare
  best multifunctional globetrotters/expedition/mountainers wear
- 1 drapery you can use for several things, like: covering your head against sun, take it as a shawl against cold,
   cover your eyes or nose and mouth for protection, carry something in it, if you need a pillow, use it if in urgent need for medical tissue bandage, ..
- washing agent for clothes
- piece of soap (best take one out of organic vegetable oil)
- hairshampoo
- tempo/kleenex, tissues (handkerchiefs)
- womens hygiene items
- small and warming blanket, drying quickly
- blow-up pillow
- tent
- something isolating against cold and wet ground: - camping mat (if you don't have but have a plastic plane with you, take this)
- (sleeping bag)
- take good mountain/walking shoes on

- something small you love from home and can have with you for allways remembering and feeling it in the future.

- if you can, in advance, scan photos, papers and everything important you would like to have to remember, or data you could need in the future, and shift it to an international server to store it for later, to whom you have access to.
- if you can, get SIM cards for the countries you will travel through in advance (per post)
- write telephone number or adress of whom to be contacted if something happens to you on your shirt or skin.
- write name of your children and your contact number on their arm, skin, or something they can't loose, in case they get lost
- if you are cold you can take paper (old newspaper) under your cloths to isolate and keep better warm

- here are some ready to go survival kids one can buy, with some of the stuff neaded:
             - Gerber-Grylls-Notfallset-Essential
             - Gerber Bear Crylls Ultimate Kit Survival Set
             - Gerber Bear Crylls Basic Kit Survival Set
             - Normani-Combat-Survival-Outdoor-Überlebensset/†berlebensset/dp/B00OY6YQ2Y

for camps/ longer stay:

- waterfilters:
   carbonit crisis ton etc. (ask me for information and special NGO/UN deal)
    - Info about cisis ton (german):
    - Info about the filters:
- watercleansing tabs:
    - katadyn
- fault canister for water
    - katadyn
- shower bag
   - Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L with Katadyn Drip Filter (NGO ask me for special deal with Katadyn): ,
- 12V car camping shower:
- solar shower
- solar street light, e.g. here:
- solar oven for cooking (selfmade+easy):
    - (german,very good+easy):
    - (german with pics)
    - Recipes for cooking with a solaroven (german):
    - sun oven blog with recipes and experientials:
- solar table light, for example here:
- solar smartphone charger for camps:
- solar charger + akku for laptop, phone, etc. or full modules, see my favorite shop:
- small professional wind wheel:
- bicycle or solar charged car-batterie
- gas oven for heating tents
- gasbottles for cooking/gascooker, gas fridge
- nice gadget without gas, including USB charger:

- if no food available: a handful seeds for sprouting will give you a full bowl of sprouts as the best nurturing food you could ever have.
  You also could get plants out of the sprouts. e.g. : Alfalfa, rocket, lentils, radisch, cress, mustard, fenugreek,
   from weat you can get fresh weatgrass if you sprout it, which is the best nurturing food ever

If anybody has something important to add to the list, please mail to: Thanks a lot!

please respect there is a copyright on this list. You can use it for free and also copy it, if you refer to it's owner in noticing Thank you.